Arion Caste system: Edit

Arions are divided in 2 main castes, Prime and Betan. They both consider themselves much better than any normal human.

Primes: Edit

Primes are the ruling caste of the Empire. They are nearly invulnerable and terrifically strong and also extremely arrogant.

Primes have about 2,000 the strength of a normal human and are nearly impossible to injure.

Also within the Primal Caste are the Destroyers and the Tset'lar.

Betans: Edit

Betans are a higher Caste than conquered peoples and are almost as arrogant as Primes. They are weaker physically though more numerous and provide most of the Armed Forces of the Empire as well as most of the technical professions. Betans have about 10x Normal Human Strength and are more difficult to injure than any normal human but far less invulnerable than a Prime.

Conquered peoples: Edit

Those conquered or voluntarily joining the Empire and not members of Homo Sapiens Supremis are third class citizens. They do the jobs the Arions can't be bothered with and pay taxes to support the Empire

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