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Overview Edit

Although there are many clans of the Diaboli there are only three named so far in the stories.

Named Clans Edit

Earth Clan:

The Diaboli of Earth are more organized than most. Perhaps because of the greater consequences of exposure. Earth is unaware that any of it's people have even been farther away than the moon and they attempt to keep it that way to avoid having to deal with the explanations and suspicious governments.

The clan that saved the Vendorians is not named but has ties to Earth Clan. They have sent some of their Vendorians to Earth to help keep the Earth HQ hidden. Other clans may also be involved with this effort.

Atlantean Clan:

They are the strongest clan and the most insular. They have a totalitarian government and do not assist or send representatives to any other clan. Jason Ungphakorn came from this culture before finding a new home on the planet Sanctuary in the story "Finding Sanctuary". They do send agents to other planets to gather intelligence or act on the governments behalf. They never send more than 4 of their people on any assignment and put a premium on secrecy and silence.

The South Continent Clan:

The Diaboli who have settled the southern continent of Reigel 5 are a clan, although a small one. They try to keep apart from the rest of the population mostly but do interact on occasion. The President there was part Diaboli although he kept it quiet. As Reigel 5 has a Velorian Embassy it is possible that Reigel 5 is one of the few planets where Supremis, Diaboli, and normal humans all knowingly interact .

Other Clans:Edit

There are many other clans of Diaboli of varying strength. Some are part of the Scalantran trade network. Although whether the Scalantrans know which planets they trade with are Diaboli is unknown to any but the Scalantrans

Some clans are merchants and traders but have nowhere the reach or resources of the Scalantrans.

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