== Diaboli ==

Origins:[edit | edit source]

The Diaboli were engineered by the Elders to cause chaos, confusion, and distrust among those cultures that the Galen have set up, especially Supremis ones. The Elders underestimated the ingenuity of Skietra and the flexibility of the human genome however and one Supremis is generally more than a match for one Diaboli physically. Where Diaboli excel is in the area of the mind. They are telepathic with each other and can read the minds of others at short range. Some are able to implant commands in the minds of non-Diaboli and rarer abilities also exist such as the abilitiy to create hallucinations that can be seen by all present but never show up on film or video.

To succeed physically against an Arion Prime or Velorian Protector at least four combat trained Diaboli are needed except under special circumstances. The Elders created several varieties of Diaboli, later to be known as clans, by mixing various groups of humanity together. They did this by moving those groups to a different planet and causing them to mingle and intermarry according to Elder wishes. They usually did this by posing as gods to the ancient people they captured. This had the effect of making nearly all Diaboli atheists.

Atlantean Diaboli:[edit | edit source]

The Atlantean Diaboli are the strongest of the Clans of the Diaboli but in all other ways are a great failure from the point of view of the Elders. They refused to be cannon fodder in the last war between Elders and Galen. Other clans also declined but the Atlantean Diaboli were given the fault for that as well since it was assumed the other, lesser, clans were following their lead. Only 1% of Elders survived and all female Galen were gone at the end of the battle. The remaining Elders blamed the Atlantean Diaboli for refusing to help and forcing them to use lesser help. (The fact that the so called “lesser help” all died did not strike them as a good reason to avoid going.)

The few remaining Elders attacked the Atlanteans destroying the planet they lived on during their flight from the battle. This did not kill them as they used the training they received and managed to harvest some of the energy of the destruction to open Quantum Gates to another planet suitable for them. An underground movement had picked it out beforehand. This movement had never been believers nor trusted their "gods" and had longstanding evacuation plans which they put into effect, saving a little more than 50% the population even as the planet was being destroyed around them. They named their new planet New Atlantis and created what they hoped would be the perfect society where position was based only on ability. They failed at this and currently have a totalitarian society where even a citizen's thoughts are not private unless he has great skill and some luck.

Name Origin:[edit | edit source]

The Elders called all those of their creations that refused to join their attack on the Galen a name in their language meaning evil ones. The first Terran language this was translated into was Latin; therefore Diaboli is how they became known. They have embraced this name and refer to themselves by no other. The words for them amongst Velorians, Geheimites, and Arions are very similar and mean the same thing as Diaboli. The plural and singular forms are the same.

Appearance:[edit | edit source]

Diaboli are greatly varied in appearance unlike the Velorians or the Arions as they trace lineages back to many different earth cultures. However a few aspects are common to most of them. An unnaturally large percentage of them have green eyes and they tend to be taller than average. Otherwise they can look like any ethnic group or a combination of all of them. They were originally meant as infiltrators and spies so they tend not to stand out. . This causes some green eyed travelers to be scrutinized heavily at Velorian and Arion checkpoints but this isn't official policy.

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