Inhabitants of the planet Geheim. They are the Galen's second and successful attempt to create surrogate mothers to keep their race from extinction.

The Galen have been interbreeding with the natives long enough to produced several new Galen. It is not too easy though. It apparently takes several generations before the child can be considered Galen but the Galen finally have a way out of the trap the Elders crafted for them. The natives in general are an insular and peaceful people and the pursuit of science is the number one occupation there. Those not involved in the Galen breeding scheme are still as strong and tough as the best Velor and Aria have to offer and their fitness level goes up from there.

Occasionally a rogue will leave the planet and its legendary neutrality behind to get involved in the various conflicts taking place in the wider galaxy. Some work for the Velorian Enlightenment and some have joined the Arion Empire. An even smaller number have done neither and roam space looking for a cause to espouse or selling their services to the highest bidder.

Just one of them if he or she has enough Galen genes can tip the outcome of any battle. Fortunately or not most of the rogues are from the lower end of the spectrum. It is speculated that the ones closest to becoming Galen are watched closely by the Geheimite government and the Galen themselves and would face much stiffer penalties for going rogue.