New Atlantis is a tropical world with only one continent, placed astride the equator and about the size of Australia. It was colonized by the Atlantean Diaboli in extremis. The Elders were attacking their planet in retaliation for not joining their war against the Galen. Only around 50% of the population made it to safety and only the fact that the Elders had just come from losing their war allowed anyone to escape. The world would be considered a tropical paradise to most of humanity except for the oppression that goes on there. The government is corrupt, totalitarian, and xenophobic. They rule with an iron hand and through their abilities their tyranny even extends to their subjects very thoughts. They can court martial you for thinking and their Thought Police do not hesitate to shoot anyone caught thinking treasonous thoughts. They are currently inward focused and insular. Controlling their population takes most of their time and effort but they do send spies out into the galaxy. They try to ensure the return of such but in each generation some of these manage to throw off any shackles and disappear so thoroughly they cannot be found. One of the most recent of these found the planet Sanctuary.

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