Also known as The Golden Planet, and home to the Velorian people. It orbits a Class K star, with a year close to that of Earth. It has two moons, Erin'dor and Erin'lah, The only other planet in the system is Daxxan which, like Velor itself, has a gold core that reduces the strength of Velorians, although not quite as drastically as that of Velor itself. Daxxan has its own satellite, Atlantea. Velor is the political center of the Enlightenment and its capital is Vest'athy. The second-largest city is Excelsor.

Even the Velorians don't know how Velor came to exist. Its gold core, and that of its sister planet Daxxan, make it clear that they must have been artificailly created worlds. The fact that Aria, a distant planet once linked to Velor by a Dimensional Transporter, also has a gold core only adds to the mystery. If the Galen knew who created these worlds, or when or why, they never told anyone else. They might go back to the Second Ancient Years, the time of the Old Galactics -- but there isn't any indication that the old Galactics had anything to do with it.

The atmosphere of Velor is denser than Earths, but low in oxygen. Only primitive local life forms were present when the Galen arrived to begin the Velorian project, but a secondary unit of genetic engineers created new fauna and flora by tweaking native species and species from other worlds to survive the harsh conditions -- and to provide food for Velorians in their beta state, in which they need to eat and drink much as humans. The new ecology also provided raw material for clothing, which Velorians wore for adornment and to identify them by caste.

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