Velorian Caste System

Not all are born equal, instead they are genetically asigned to one substrate of the three castes, which will determine their life.

Primas: The cream of Velor; only Primas are eligible to become Protectors

Matra: The Official Class; from their offices they effectively run the planet.

Bravas: The largest and lowest class; they are the ones who build, cook and clean .

Prima-1 - before Rites: 1000x, percentage of births: 1%

Prima-1 - after Rites: 4000x

Prima-2 - 800x, percentage of births: 2%

Prima-3 - 600x (a rare class)

Matra - 500x, percentage of births: 20%

Brava - 200x, percentage of births: 77%

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