The Velorian Civil War Edit

The Velorian Civil War was a violent conflict which consumed the planet Velor approximately 1,000 years ago.


As with any war, there was more than one cause, but the most prominent was the issue of free, or controlled birthing.

At the time, Velorians procreated through the Maternity Engine in line with the directive. However when the Galen left, many Velorians felt the urge to breed naturally again; this urge was met with violent opposition by those who wanted to follow the will of the gods and continue using the Maternity Engine as their sole source of children.


Eventually sectarian lines were drawn and war was declared between the Purists, who wanted to continue using the Maternity Engine, and the Naturalists, who wished to practice free birth again.

All civil wars are brutal, but this one was more so because no weapon could be found that would pierce Supremis flesh and battles could last days or even weeks.


Most of the details of the war have been lost to history, or were never recorded and it is not even certain who won; the Naturalists left Velor, eventually finding the planet Aria, but whether this was because they were forced to go, agreed to part company or even departed in victory is not known.

What is clear is that even after a thousand years, the scars have not healed.


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