Weapons used in the conflicts between Arions and Velorians Edit

The following is an excerpt from a weapons catalog retrieved from a black marketeer and preserved in the Archives.

The Mozen'Del

The Mozen’del is the only portable weapon that assures destruction of any level of Supremis antagonist. This ultimate weapon contains 11 grams of anti-electrons, sufficient when released to kill any type of Supremis within 1 km or closer. The patented heterodyne-resonant containment technology allows perfect containment of the anti-matter in a module weighing only 3.2 kg and releases a directable, collimated beam of anti-electrons in the direction the front of the case is pointing, thus assuring contact and annihilation of the enemy. Further, because of the low mass and simple operation of the resonant containment, we can offer the Mozen’del at an extremely attractive price. Quantities may be limited because of anti-matter supply restrictions.


The HGAR (heavy GAR) is rapidly becoming the workhorse of the Arion Imperial Army. Capable of injuring Primes with bursts of 10 seconds or more, it gives Betan-level warriors their most effective offensive and defensive personal weaponry to date. Two or more HGAR’s discharged on Protectors or Primes have often incapacitated them by overloading their energy absorption capabilities; this tactic is especially effective on male Primes.


More often than you might think, the old, tried and true weapon is the best weapon for the job. The classic GAR, still in production after two Terran decades and constantly improved, amply demonstrates this axiom. Lightweight, high capacity, rugged and versatile, the GAR can do anything from stunning game animals to digging trenches to disabling Kintzi. Even against Protectors, a GAR can harry and hamper the enemy while you bring up the big guns

The GAR Pistol Mark 7

The Mark 7 GAR Pistol is the standard sidearm for Betan Imperial units and Arion auxiliaries. As lethal as its rifle counterpart, its major difference is a substantially lower energy capacity.

L7 Miniaturized Energy Pistol

The L7 Miniaturized Energy Pistol is a triumph of Vendorian ingenuity and Kelsorian manufacturing prowess. Capable of being hidden in a man’s palm or in a woman’s cleavage, the L7 is lethal to Betans (armored or not) and can seriously injure Kalla Primes and Kintzi. The plasticized aluminum case and works do not trigger metal detectors and can easily be broken down into innocuous-looking parts. A perfect weapon for covert operatives who won't be facing the more powerful Supremis.

The Klav'en

The Klav’en is a compact, hand-held energy weapon for use against low-grade Supremis of M level or below. It also has varying results against Kintzi ranging from incapacitation to incitement. In a pinch, it is a useful recharging tool for female Supremis at Prime and higher levels. Klav’ens come in many different configurations; we specialize in the Kliff model.

The Mark 4 Plasma Grenade

Is 5,000,000° C. impressive enough for you? These tiny beauties, easily thrown even by Terrans, detonate at metastellar temperatures and create a 5 m diameter plasma sphere that subsequently expands and vaporizes anything other than a P2 or better Supremis within a 250 m radius.P2’s and above located within the initial plasma sphere are incapacitated or severely injured by energy absorption overload. Give one to a friend and try to knock out a Virago together!

The Lysande'dod
This ultimate weapon was developed by the Vendorians, but all inventories were reputedly destroyed by them rather than run the risk of having them copied or used against them. The Lysande’dod is believed to open a dimensional energy portal to a pure energy universe and transports the target there, to be forever trapped. Masterdine agents are scouring the galaxy for parts, blueprints or assembled examples. Any finds will be auctioned to the highest desirable bidder. There are currently indications of interest from 1,650 buyers.

The Sab'ret

Some say it is outdated and obsolete but we say anything still being used in battle after this many centuries is too useful to do without! The Energy Sword, now hundreds of years old, still serves as the essential weapon of honor in the Arion Empire and much of the rest of Supremis space. Small, effective, and deadly or dangerous against most Supremis, this is an essential sidearm. Energy Swords can be recharged (using the optional charging pack) from any three-phase 2,500 volt electrical line in approximately 24 hours.

We only stock the classic sab'ret made by the Arion Imperial Opto-Electro-Magnetic Manufactory, suppliers to Primes, the Arion Officer Caste and the Imperial House for more than 250 years.

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